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2019-09-12 02:27

out in force大批出动,兴师动众 art installation艺术装置 living up to不辜负(期望) ... 基于5个网页-相关网页 双语例句原声例句权威例句 it’s not that...  普通

11.something to ride 212.natural roads15.shots 喜欢听"living up to my rep"的人也喜欢的唱片 ··· you only live...  普通

live up to 不辜负;做到;实践 leading up to 在…之前 if you're concerned about prime minister maliki living up to these expectatisno, what's the ...  普通

6天前 - hi! i have some white leghorns who are my most docile birds, and some easter eggers and other "lapdog" breeds that will come around me but h...  普通

how do you create a living office? to answer this question, why followed one company’s journey from a headquarters that was hindering its growth to a...  普通

最佳答案: live up to释义: 1.达到高标准; 不辜负 i try to live up to the high standard of the school. 我力求达到这所学校的高标准要求. he ...  普通

what does the thinker say to you? most, without pause, would say that thinking is important. while true, there is something more significant to the me...  普通

2018年12月31日 - she csnotantly ___ herself for not living up to her own ideas—for not working hard enough or not having motives that were pure enough.exalt...  普通

2019年9月1日 - 据魔方格专家权威分析,试题“ up to now, our society ___ with limited living space a..”主要考查你对 现在完成时,现在完成时的被动语态 等考点的...  普通
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